Impressions of Words and Music (7.4.2013)


On the night that Thatcher died ..

Rage against the complacency guitars blasting through The Thirsty Scholar, cymbals crashing in a celebration of noise and Karl Whiting rolling his body, his tongue, his whole spirit around a performance that some found uncomfortable, but I found inspirational and also great fun.  Biting words that can’t be heard, but you can sense them cutting through the vain attempts of normality, man in skeleton pyjamas, helping to make Words V Music 3 a night to remember.  The audience can’t hear themselves speak; they can’t hear themselves think, they can’t hear.  The Genius of Germs is genius and BRATAN are in the house.


The desolate landscapes and unification of satellites rising and falling through the electronic music of Jason Lorimer, accompanied by electronic music legend Simon Lovejoy reciting poems in no man’s land.  These mechanical hearts push boundaries with throw back references to a previous era hard synths, and fwd thinking charms in a tale of the unexpected.

PhilipSanger&CarrieanneGary Sunbeam recites Jabberwocky in a Manchester environment that suddenly swells its numbers with a crowd from Sound Control, and another from no sound control.  Carrieanne Vivianette and Philip Sanger offer first class performances and quality writing.  A Means to an End make a start with brave and gentle guitar and verse, and Jeff Jeffarama blots out the noise of people not listening, of people half listening and then joining in, like he was born with that stage.  Andy’s words are second to none and talk of challenging times and places that I have been to and understood, Petrova introduces sung spoken word and the end comes as it was always meant to, with the final strum of a guitar.

Gordon Zola faces challenging times in a challenging place – this is not the enclosed spoken word night where loud people hush loudeGordonZolar people for quiet.  He chooses to make them laugh, the audience move towards his comedy like an organism, an organism that mutates happiness.  Gordon speaks of pointless folk songs, he tells of the difficulty of relationships and the advice of the doctor to lay off the poetry for a while, to go and join angst anonymous and find some angst.  The angst of genius germs is still buzzing in my ears.

The mood is changing again, the place is getting lighter and turning into the unique pop of LAAMB, sweetness, beauty and many human emotions that contrast with the bacterium.  Two Londoners in Manchester for a baking weekend ask Alex if she bakes because she looks like she bakes and we question what bakers look like.

In one corner a man from Southern Ireland is here for tomorrow’s match, in another corner the bar staff are looking on – incredulous, this is not a night out for them, this is work.

Movement One by The Genius of Germs

I take the kaossilator and the looped vocal somewhere different tonight, a turning point, a moment where I’m trying to use the voice as an instrument in its own right, organic, synthesised, looped and layered wall of not noise, but melody, I love sounds that make me sad, or raise the hairs on the back of baker boys from London.  Some of the talkers had stopped talking and started dancing, others were leaving anyway.  The man from Southern Ireland asked me for a CD and offered me money, just asking was payment enough, he followed me outside to my car and I lifted the boot, we peered inside looking for a body, a body of songs.


Noel Maher plays incredible multi faceted notes on a guitar in a room that has now thinned out and those have left have missed an absolute treat of something that is unique to Words V Music.  Josh Lisiuk reads his warrior poetry and performs in a way that pulls you in, cheeky, light, threatened, movement, but also with meaning.  He weaves us through the doors of perception, the windows on the mind and the passing of time.  He talks of love and war and what are they dying for because death and destruction are intrinsic to civilisation, part of this metropolis, and when it all comes crashing down we will be preserved in the rocks like fossils or texts on a discarded cell phone that reads once upon a time the words and music were here.

Krazy Horse sings Tuesday Tony and Tuesday Tony sings Daddy Fear and Thatcher goes to hell.

The next Words V Music is Sunday 5 May at The Thirsty Scholar.  Expect more death and destruction!


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